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Girl Scouts on Sugar Packets


Remember those throw-away sugar packets you used to find in restaurants? Occasionally, they would have something related to Girl Scouting on them. They are nearly impossible to find these days.

Shown above are 3 packets from the Dixie Crystal Sugar Company - specifically the "pure cane superfine sugar" from the Savannah Sugar Refining Corp. They were found in a scrapbook devoted to the 1965 Senior Round-up at Farragut State Park in Idaho. So I would guess that they date prior to 1965. Also, there's no zip code on the packages, so maybe before 1963?


The much beloved Juliette Gordon Low sugar packet was produced in 1977. Part of the National Institutional Food Distributor Associates, Inc and North American Food Service Corp. (and maybe others), it was their salute to Outstanding American Women. This packet was one of 18 well known women such as Annie Oakley and Margaret Sanger. These packets were given out freely at restaurants and such.

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