Things that AREN'T Girl Scout

Throughout the years there have been many girl-oriented youth programs that have left behind many tangible items to mark their existence, as well as other programs that had/have items that many have assumed were Girl Scout related. This page shows some of those items. They are not Girl Scout items...

Oriole Girls Honor Badge Tab

Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Girls Clubs of America, Inc pin

Renamed Girls, Inc - program continues today

Did not merge with Boys Clubs of America

4-H Clubs County Awards

Home Economics pin, Garden pin and Clothing Pendant 

Y-Teen pennant and pin

Girl Reserves felt patch & pin

Y.W.C.A. girl programs. The Girl Reserves morphed into the Y-Teen program in the 1950s.

Girl Pioneers of America Handbook.

     This group was formed by combining

               3 established girl programs.                          Didn't survive long.

Future Homemakers of America pin

This program was created by uniting school-based home economic programs into after-school clubs. Went through many name changes. Continues today.

Girls Auxiliary pin and full set of

program patches

Women's Missionary Unit

of the Southern Baptist Church

Holy Name Society pin
A Roman Catholic confraternity for the laity - Confraternity of the Most Holy Name of God and Jesus

Vintage Beehive Girls Honor Badges
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints girl program

Sunbeam Girls silk badges

(very old)
Salvation Army girls program

Sunbeam Girls badges

(2 eras)

Salvation Army girls program

Girl Guards silk badges

(very old)
Salvation Army girls program

Girl Guards badges
Salvation Army girls program

Girls In Action membership pins & Adventure 1 patch

The Girls Auxiliary was renamed to Girls In Action

Women's Missionary Unit

of the Southern Baptist Church

Metal Girl Guard emblem

Metal Sunbeam Girls pin

World War 1 program. It's purpose was to promote patriotism among American girls and do war-relief work. The group never gained the membership of other "girl" organizations and once World War I ended, so did the organization. 

Girls' Friendly Society of the USA membership pins

Episcopalian Church
open to all girls

Examples from the 1974 era badge program

Pioneer Girls

Christian Service Brigade girls program
Renamed and co-ed as Pioneers Clubs

Pathfinder Honors
Seventh Day Adventist youth program

oval, wool or felt-like fabric

Y-Indian Princess Patch

Part of the extensive Y-Indian Program that encourage parents to join in with boys/girls in the YMCA program. This one is Father-Daughter. The  Mother-Daughter program was called Y-Indian Maiden. All of their programs dropped the "Indian" term in 2001.

Camp Fire Girls - various pins & charm

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