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Sept 11. 2021:  

Sept 10, 2021: 2011 Build-A-Bear Girl Scout Bears & Accessories

Sept 9, 2021:

Sept 8, 2021: 2011 Paradise Galleries "Tender Hearts Girls" - Girl Scout dolls page is done. I don't have much information on these dolls. If you do please email.

Sept 5, 2021: 2014 Girl Scout Friendship Dolls - were these the first dolls to have a Twitter account?

                     2015 Girl Scout Plush Dolls 

Sept 4, 2021: Still working in the Girl Scout Dolls & Figurines section. New page: 2007 Troop Groovy Girls & accessories.

Sept 3, 2021:

New section: Girl Scout Dolls & Figurines - to pick up where the book "Scouting Dolls through the Years" left off. 2 new pages so far:

New page, The Girl Scout Scarf 1937-1979, includes one scarf that started off as non-official and just 2 years later, became official for adults.

Something new added to the weird and wonderful Uniquely Girl Scout page.

Sept 1, 2021 - new page "A Girl Scout"

August 25, 2021 - It's my birthday! Taking a few days off to go camping. 

August 24, 2021 - Added the Girl Scout Snowshoe to Girl Scout Shoes #3. I couldn't find a date for the release, I'm guessing 2018. If you know, please email me.

Updated Girl Scout Cookie Jars with a jar I don't remember - from 2019 - "Girl Scouts Rock" - it was $24 and only available online. 

Updated Drink to the Girl Scouts with the Dunkin Donuts iced coffees. I didn't remember there were peanut butter flavor and trefoils shortbread flavors.

August 22, 2021 -

New: Uniquely Girl Scout - a page for Girl Scout stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else!

Updated the Girl Scouts at the World's Fairs - adding 1968's HemisFair, in San Antonio, TX. Did you know that was where the new adult Girl Scout uniform was debuted?

August 21, 2021

NEW: The Forgotten 1923 Girl Scout Cookie Drive



August 20, 2021

NEW: Girl Scout Cookie Cutters

Michele W. sent in some lovely images of her Girl Scout daylily in bloom.

Added an Updates page

Working on: Girl Scout Cookies

NEW: Girl Scout Watches

NEW: Girl Scout Brooches

NEW: Girl Scout Raingear

NEW: Girl Scout Shoes Part 3

  • Girl Scout Shoes Part 2

  • Girl Scout Shoes Part 1


NEW: Girl Scout Jewelry:

  • Girl Scout Jewelry Boxes

  • Girl Scout Rings - Vintage

  • Girl Scout Rings - Contemporary

  • Girl Scout Sweater Guards & Zipper Pulls

  • Girl Scout Earrings

You may need to refresh pages to see recent updates.