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Worlds to Explore - Interest Project Patches

Cadette & Senior

  • The Let's Make It Happen program was launched in 1979 with 22 Interest Projects (but no patches).

  • The actual patches were introduced in 1980, along with 5 new Dabbler IPPs to go with the new "spring green" sash/vest for Cadettes & Seniors.

  • Fashion/Fitness/Makeup change from purple to red border in 1981.

  • Several new IPP's added after 1980 launch.

  • Total number - 69 IPP's.

  • Phasing out of the Worlds to Explore and transitioning began in 1997.


World of Well-Being - Red Border


World of People - Blue Border


World of Today and Tomorrow - Orange Border


The World of Arts - Purple Border


The World of the Out-of-Doors - Yellow Border

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