Worlds to Explore - 1980

Juniors and Cadettes

Generally speaking these Girl Scout badges ran from the launch

of Worlds to Explore in 1980, until the color-coded borders were

phased out around 1999.  However, many designs remained,

spilling over into the unified border era.

  • Badges with white backgrounds were generally considered

  • "group badges" and were launched in the 1986 handbook.

  • Badges with green backgrounds were for Junior Girl Scouts with an interest in the subject, but little experience (except Our Own Troop Badge).

  • Badges with tan backgrounds were for Junior & Cadette Girl Scouts with great interest and some knowledge of the subject

  • Beginning in 1980 Brownies who were in the 3rd grade or 8 years old AND working on the Bridge to Juniors arch could earn one Dabbler Badge as part of the program.

  • Beginning in 1995 Cadettes could no longer earn the tan background badges.

Sign of the Rainbow

Sign of the Satellite

Sign of the Sun

Sign of the World

Early on, several  of the white-backed group badges were produced with the same color blue thread as the World of People badges instead of their normal darker blue. These are rare and fun to hunt for.

The first 9 shown above were introduced in 1986 and the last 5 were introduced in 1994.


The World of Well-Being - Red Border

The World of People - Blue Border

The World of Today and Tomorrow - Orange Border

The World of the Out-of-Doors - Yellow Border

The World of the Arts - Purple Border

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